Saturday, March 23, 2013


After successful release of the musical documented album on the Shakespear of Bhojpuri Literature ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’ (which was launched by the Prime Minister of Mauritius – Mr Anil Kumar Bachoo @ Minister of Arts & Culture - Mr. Mookhesswur CHOONE in Mauritius), EMI/Virgin Records who has forayed into Bhojpuri music for the first time is proud to present their 2nd Bhojpuri venture – The colors’ of ‘FAGUNAHAT’ featuring traditional holi songs by Assamese singer@Bhojpuri Queen Kalpana Patowary . The album was released recently at Basera Studios Kandivali in Mumbai city on the sets of BHOJPURI HOLI UTSAV . This is the Kalpana's first Bhojpuri Holi album with an International label after she made her grand debut with her Bhojpuri album 'Gawanwa Leja Rajaji' in 2001. She has around 12th Bhojpuri Holi hit albums released till date. According to the singer, FAGUNAHAT is a magic word. The songs has tunes with a rare freshness would rouse the lazy and cheers up the glum. Even the slaves of a rigid routine feel free. For a few hours, all come closer as at no other time of the year. FAGUNAHAT means – ‘Fagun ke aane ki Aahat’. This season speaks about itself when it arrives through Mother Nature. Kalpana Patowary known for an incredible vocal talent has produced and rendered 6 tracks in the album. Rangbaaj fagunwa aail - This song speak of the indication of the coming of the season and how a couple enjoys their love after a long separation. Husband has to go to ‘Pardes’ to earn money. His beloved wife waits the whole year for him to come back & this year when he returns in Holi, her happiness knows no bounds. This song also speaks of the sensusiousness, the urge of their physical union. Ab lehu rangwa lagai – A traditional Holi song reflecting Indian tradition linking Holi to Lord Rama and Sita. Sita’s sahelis welcomes Rama to Janakpur and urges Sita to play Holi with Rama as who knows when again he will be again coming from Avadh. Dewra rangbaaj – A spicy or a chatpata song where the lady is complaining about her brother-in-law. In Indian family – Dewar Bhabi relationship speaks in different levels, sometimes he is a son, other times a best friend with whom you can share your inner feelings also. But in ‘Fagun’ ie Holi the Dewar becomes a little flirty kind of and he teases his sister in law. This is a double meaning song. Piyawa calcutta gaile – Many years before while speaking about the Bihar scenario, lots of young man travelled to East Calcutta for livelihood. Back home the beloved wife cries in agony. No more she can hold the pain of separation. This track captures this particular mood of that lady. Babu Kunwar Singh – This is traditional ‘Dhamar’ a holi folk form. Here it speaks of the historical spectacle of Babu Veer Kunwar Singh of Bihar as he fought for our Nations Independence from the British. Here colors of Holi is symbolic to the bloodshed. This song salutes Kunwar Sings fighting spirit. Ab kaha fafuwa gawata – Again, a traditional Holi composition where the song expresses the descending ‘Fagua’ tradition. Today, everywhere there is hatred among us. We are no more celebrating the human race, instead speaking of our own cult and castes. The song is trying to express the message of the unity we need today – An awareness song.