Thursday, February 10, 2011

Has Shweta Tiwari Tied The Knot With Abhinav Kohli?

Television and Bhojpuri film actress Shweta Tiwari, who won ‘Bigg Boss season 4’ recently has reportedly married her close friend Abhinav Kohli. In fact, the reports suggest that the actress had secretly taken the wedding vowsbefore entering the reality show.

Shweta had maintained a denial mode about her relationship with Kohli. She kept it under wraps and never talked about it openly in the show even though she spoke about her daughter ‘Palak’ and ex-husband Raja Chaudhary. It is heard that the duo tied the knot in a private ceremony.

Recently, there was a news that her ex-hubby Raja turned abusive towards her once again and entered her forcefully. He even assaulted Shweta and her alleged current husband Abhinav at around 1 am. Now, there is a speculation that Raja might have turned abusive because of this development as he is a very protective father of his daughter Palak.

Well, if this is true then the news will not remain secret for a long time. Shweta cannot hide it for a long time as paparazzi and close circles will soon find out the truth. Moreover, Shweta left her daughter in the house under the care of Abhinav when she was in ‘Bigg Boss 4’.

We hope Shweta discloses the truth soon clearing the air!

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