Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CHINESE producer JASMINE & KS TENG in BHOJPURI Film Industries

Chunnu Babu Singapuri is a MOVIE that have unique achievements and noble intentions for the Bhojpuri film Industries . The MOVIE is unique in the sense that their Producers: JASMINE CHUA and KS TENG were the first CHINESE to produce an INDIAN MOVIE, be it in any Indian film industries . And their intention of getting involved with the Bhojpuri Film in particular is because of Friendship and also to promote the Bhojpuri langauge worldwide and its nobility. It is also their intention that they try to perpetute the BHOJPURI langauge in this fast turning world of technology ( which is overcome by no spoken connections). Their intended hope is that by their unique involvement, the BHOJPURI people will be stirred to get up and also take a leaf out of their effort and start using and talking BHOJPURI in their daily life and communications. It is their fervent hope that their small steps will incalcate some belonging to the Bhojpuri language