Friday, October 26, 2012

Rajeev & Sampat will not be in the finals: Nirahua

We have heard a lot from you since the day you've left Bigg Boss. You have claimed that Navjot Singh Sidhu or Niketan are the two persons you think could win. Now, we would like to know from you who do you think is certainly not going to make it to the finals. (Laughs) I think Rajeev will not be able to make it to the finals. As Delnaaz has already pointed out because of his 'ghusu-giri'. He wants to get involved in everything and know everything. I feel this is going to prevent him from getting into finals. And secondly I think Sampat ji. She is a very nice person but she thinks very high of herself. When I was in Bigg Boss house people were irritated by her this attitude. So I feel she is definitely not going to make it to the finals. Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari both stayed for long in Bigg Boss house. But you were evicted right after a week. Do you feel you've less fan following? Your audience did not support you enough? There is one quality in both Ravi ji and Manoj ji which I don't have. They are very social people, they easily make connections. But I take time to open up. I have realised that and I am going to work on it now. How do you feel when Ravi Kishan proclaims himself 'Superstar of Bhojpuri cinema' considering you've given some blockbusters in Bhojpuri industry too. Ravi ji is my senior and it's true that he is the superstar of this industry. When he was doing films I was a student. He is a very senior actor and he is the one who's given name and fame to our industry. In a rapid fire, I would take names of the Bigg Boss contestants. You've to tell me one word that comes to your mind and why. Navjot Singh Sidhu - Experienced, he knows it all. Sampat Pal - Politically minded. She is very much inspired by Lalu Yadav. Vrajesh - Entertainer, no one can be sad around him. Rajeev - Drama company Delnaaz - Honest, i think she is a very genuine person. Urvashi - Hard working, she used to spend all her time in kitchen but never complained. Aashka - Hurt. I think she was hurt emotionally as she is angry over everything all the time, society, people, law. Everything. Karishma - Karishma ji to karishma hi hain. Sana - Sweet. She is like Kolkata ka rosugulla. Sapna - Jhansi Ki Rani. She stands up for whatever is true. Aseem - Vo ek Desh premi hain. Very true and honest person.