Monday, July 9, 2012

Ranveer Bhojpuri Film Review

Cast: Ravi Kishan , Kreesha Khandelwal, Kajal Raghwani, Brijesh Tripathi, Rakesh Tripathi, Gauri Shankar, Fareen Sheikh, Abhilasha, Hiten Pandey and G. Ravi Kumar. Story: Ranveer is the story of a man who adopts three sisters of his deceased friend. Veer Pratap Singh ( Ravi Kishan) is a rich lawyer but when his friend Ramesh ( Hiten Pandey) losses his life because of him, he goes to Ramesh's village to look after his three sisters. As Ramesh had left home at an early age, the sisters don't know how he looks like now. So, Veer Pratap pretends to be Ramesh and takes up a job in the dhaba run by Ramesh 's aunty , where he find that the sisters - Sangeeta ( Abhilasha ), Sunita and physically challenged Munni - are being made to work long hours without being fed properly. Veer immediately starts looking after them and takes Munni for medical treatment. Unbeknownst to reality, Sangeeta Sunita and Munni are happy on their brother's return and Veer asks them to keep it a secret from their aunt. Champa (Kreesha Khandelwal) works in the dhaba across the road- competitor of dhaba run by Ramesh's aunt. She fells in love with Veer. A sheering twist comes to story when Anjali (Kajal Raghwani), Chandar's (Brijesh Tripathi) daughter exposes Veer's reality to Ramesh's sister and soon their love and respect towards Ramesh turns to hatred. Veer discloses an untold truth to Champa that Chander along with his two sons (G.Ravi Kumar and Gauri Shankar) killed Veer's parents after he won a case against him. Veer wants a vengeance for the loss of his parents and snips off both Chandar's legs and a hand. Ramesh tries to intervene and dies in crossfire. Chandar uses his daughter to seek revenge with Veer and he accuses Veer of killing Ramesh. How veer convinces the three sisters that he is as good as their real brother and how he finishes off Chandar forms the last part of this drama.
Movie Review: The story is quite nice and its emotional content has been artfully exploited by the screenplay. Though there are some trite moments, the screenplay manages to keep the audiences' interest throughout. Ravi Kishan performs admirably well. He carries the film on his shoulders. Kajal Raghvani has acted well. Brijesh Tipathi is excellent in his role. Rakesh Tripathi and Fareen Sheikh's chemistry is commendable. Kreesha Khandelwal, Ravi kumar, Gauri Shankar, Sheetal , Isha Khan and Seema Singh provide decent support. Director Firoz Khan has done a good job. Film maintains a good pace. Music is note worthy with some very tuneful numbers, action scenes are cleverly directed by Kaushal - Moses. Film editing is crisp. Ranveer, on the whole will do well at the box office, more so in the small centers. Film was average in Bihar due to distribution problem but it is doing good in Mumbai theatres. You Can read this story on The Times of India also . Visit