Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pawan Singh's Ha trick with Mithila Talkies

Bhojpuri singer and actor Pawan Singh recently completed the shooting of Mithila Talkies Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuria Jawan . With this film Pawan Singh made ha Trick with Mithila Talkies. Mithila Talkies first film was Gundai Raj with Pawan Singh , directed by Ravi Bhushan. Gundai Raj released in 2011.Gundai Raj is base on Crime of Bihar. Mithila talkies's Next film is Dacoit . Pawan Singh in the title role and the movie has been produced by Manoj Kumar Chaudhary and directed by Ravi Bhushan. The movie also stars Monalisa, Chandani Chopra and Pratibha Pandey. Pawan Singh has gone through a complete makeover for this role. Dacait is now Ready for release . The film has lyrics by Vinay Bihari and music by Madhukar Anand. Recently Mithila talkies completed his third film with Pawan Singh . The film titled Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuria Jawan. The shooting of the bhojpuri movie Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuriya Jawaan was recently completed . this movie has been directed by Raju, who was previously the assistant of Partho Ghosh. Pawan singh turned music director from this film . He is playing Police officer in this film . while Pratibha Pandey stars opposite him. The movie also stars Manoj Tiger, Dilip Sinha, Gauri Shankar, Manish Chaturvedi, Sanjay Verma, Subodh Seth, Shilpi and Brajesh Tripathi. The movie also has item songs picturised on Alisha and Seema Singh.