Monday, November 30, 2009

I’ll join politics only when I have nothing to do - Ravi kishan

From Bhojpuri films to working with Mani Ratnam and Shyam Benegal. Your journey’s quite interesting ...
What’s more interesting is that I started my career in Hindi films and then went on to become a Bhojpuri superstar By god’s grace I have managed to make a comeback to Hindi cinema. The credit for it goes to filmmakers who have the faith in me to cast me in their movies. I have struggled a lot, to gain a foothold in Bollywood.

But don’t you think you aren’t exactly ‘hero material’ according to Bollywood standards like SRK, Aamir and Akshay? Hindi cinema has changed a lot over the years. These days the character is the actual hero. For example in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan I play the elder brother, which is an important character. I’m extremely happy with the way my career is shaping up in Bollywood.

Why’s there so much secrecy around Raavan?
Mani sir is the most passionate director I’ve worked with. Whatever he does stems out of his love for cinema. That he does not want to divulge details of the film is his call. I think he knows what he is doing. You are doing Shyam Benegal’s next ?
Yes. In fact, I play an overtly romantic Hyderabadi husband in the film and am paired opposite Sonali Kulkarni. Benegal saab always gives me roles which are passionate to the core. Your new TV show is being talked about. That’s because something like this has never been attempted on Indian television before. Past life regression is something we have read about. But now we are going to see it on TV. It’s amazing how in just one day, you find yourself in the year 1918 or 1873. It’s like being in a time machine. Shekhar Suman remembered his past life in 1873 and Monica Bedi discovered that in her past life she was a Portuguese woman.

Do you see your show causing controversies like all other reality shows?
If it’s a reality show, controversies are expected to happen.

Are you doing TV for the money or the exposure?
Both. I must thank god that he has chosen me to do shows that are the first of their kind. I did the first season of Bigg Boss. Now I’m doing this show. But let’s not fool ourselves. Television today is big. It goes into a lot of homes, brings you fame and moolah as well. But it’s also the kind of work that attracts me to do more TV shows apart from films.

Your Bhojpuri assignments will suffer now that you are concentrating mostly on Hindi films and TV.
Earlier I did 12-14 Bhojpuri films in a year. I was the one who popularised Bhojpuri cinema outside the borders of UP and Bihar. Now that I have Hindi film and TV assignments, I have definitely cut down on Bhojpuri films. I do just three to four films a year. I’m not worried about that at all because I have established myself there.

Aren’t your fans going to be upset?
Not at all. In fact, they are very proud of their bhaiyya. They keep saying ‘Bhaiyya is rocking Mumbai now’.

What about politics?
I’ll join politics only when I have nothing to do. Right now all I can see is the camera. I have so much on my platter, that I think it would be unfair to contest elections when I don’t have time for people. I know that when I contest the elections I will win. And I don’t want to disappoint or betray my people by not being there for them. Till that time, I’m happy campaigning.