Monday, July 6, 2009

Shooting completed for "Garda garda..."

for Vinay Anand and Sanjay Singh starrer Bhojpuri film "Garda garda kaile badu, jabse bhailu jawaan" completed last week at various locations of Gurajarat & Mumbai. For Sanjay singh, it is his first Bhojpuri film as actor. "You can call it an action-packed romantic film. Entire team has worked vey hard on this film, and we expect the audience to support us," said Vinay Anand. The film is directed my Mukesh K Dev, whose "Jaade me balma pyara lage" is doing good in Bihar. Major roles in this film are being played by Vinay Anand, Sanjay Singh, Rani Chaturvedi, Divya Dwivedi, Dinesh Choudhary, Jyoti Kothari, Rama Mishra and others. Post-production work for the film is going on. ( Pl. read also at