Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now, Sushil Singh to play Munna Bhaiya

Very few people in the industry have been able to do it, but Sushil Singh wants to get his name written among exceptions, as he is going to play the title role in the film "Munna Bhaiya", after playing the role of villain in over one dozen films."Well... I must tell you that I am very excited. I had got plenty of support in my last two films, and I am sure everyone would love me in this role as well..." says Sushil Singh. And, this villain is not doing it for the first time. Earlier, his two films as actor "Munna Bajrangi", and "Dulha Albela" has been successful in Bihar as well, and 'Dulha Albela' has been released in Mumbai last week itself. Other roles in “Munna Bhaiya” are being played by former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, and Sikandar Kharbanda. Apart from this film, Sushil is also doing important roles in upcoming film "Raja Bhrathari" and the comedy "Khatailal Mithailal". In his last film "Munna Bajrangi", everyone appreciated his role as "Munna Khan". He has also played memorable role as villain in super hit film "Nirahua Rikshawala".