Saturday, June 27, 2009

Munni Bai will show in this rainy season

You think you are seated in a theater with hot Tea & Bhajiya and viewing sensual style (latka jhatka) of Munni Bhai, then what you will feel. On 3rd July it would be happen when super duper hit Bhojpuri film “Munnibai Nautankiwali” will release in different theatre of Mumbai. This film is based on girls dancer of nautanki at villages with establishing Shamiyana (temporary stage). This film is also calling as “Chandni Bar” of Bhojpuri. Audience liked this film very much. In Bihar “Munnibai Nautankiwali” has broken all record of success. There are many songs of Nautanki regarding villagers and comedy too. “Munnibai Nautankiwali” is produced by Jitesh Dube (Dharam-Veer fame). In “Munnibai Nautankiwali” well known actress Rani Chatterji has played role of Munni Bai and Bali played as hero of the film. Bali, knowing as Chhedi in Bhojpuri industry, has also directed this film. Producer Jitesh Dube is very happy with film. He says I sudden think why not I do a new practical with rainy season in Mumbai and people view Munni Bai’s hot style and sensual look. My idea all like. So now you get ready and on 3rd July you enjoy rainy season with Munni Bai in theaters at Mumbai.