Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Dancing Star rises on the horizon of Bhojpuri Cinema.

There is no derth of Stars, Singers, Action Stars etc. in Bhojpuri Cinema but there were no Dancing Stars till recently. But with the arrival of Uttam Kumar as a hero in Gorki Patarki Re has fulfilled this need. Uttam is also the youngest actor of Bhojpuri Cinema.
Recently Gorki Patarki Re was previewed in Zee Preview Theatre at Andheri, Mumbai and many stalwarts of Bhojpuri Film Industry attended the show. At the end of the film everyone has praise for the dancing skill of Uttam Kumar and saif that now the need of a Dancing Star for Bhojpuri Cinema has been fulfilled.
Uttam Kumar says that his parents, father S.S. Lalit and mother Madhuri Tiwari, have always encouraged him to do better in dancing and acting. His father says that Uttam has shown his interest in dancing since his childhood and always participated in cultural shows actively.
Recently Uttam Kumar won the Best Dancer Award at a dancing competetion held at a resort at Lonawala on 31st December 2008 amongst hundreds of dancing pairs.
The audio cassette of Gorki Patrki Re too has proved a raoring success in Bihar and UP. The film is going to be released next month.
Main Actors of the film are Uttam Kumar, Rani Chaturvedi, Ravi Shankar, Sweety Dattani, Anjan Srivastava, Ballabh Vyas, Mehnaz, Liliput, Mona Ray, Raj Mehta. Famous singer and Super Star of Bhojpuri Cinema Manoj Tiwari who has recently turned into a politician too has a guest appearance in the film.
News By Uday Bhagat