Friday, August 27, 2010

“FAUJI” Back Ground Music Complete

The background music of D.S. Films Entertainment’s “FAUJI” has been completed at Audio Lab, Mhada, under the supervision of Parivesh-Darpan. The film is being directed by Parag Patil, it has story-screenplay by Shiivam Tiwari, dialogues by Jeetendra Suman, music by Md. Raj Sen & R.P. Thakur, lyrics by Vinay Bihari, choreography by Ommi, action by Mangal and cinematography by Jagminder Hundal. It stars, Shiivam Tiwari (in title role), Rani Chatterjee, Manoj Tiger, Vinay Bihari, Priya Sharma, Sudhir Dalvi, Maya Yadav, Deepak Bhatia, Sameer Shaikh, Sanjay Srivastava and Sudip Pandey (guest appearance).