Wednesday, May 11, 2011

“RUPEEYA KE BOLBAALA” – 10 Days Schedule Complete

A 10-days shooting schedule of Infinity Entertainment next film “RUPYEEYA KE BOLBAALA” has been completed recently at Jurasik Park, Russian Villa, Basra Studio, Bollywood 24 and Vada. The film is being produced by Pratima D. Mishra and directed by Yunus Patel from his own story-screenplay. It has dialogues by Jitendra Suman and cinematography by Naren Gedia. It stars, Dharmesh Mishra, Poonam Sagar, Samarth Chaturvedi, Roza Usmani, Baleshwar Singh, Rakesh Mishra, Jitendra Singh, Amrish Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Sunny Charls, Abhilash, Rohit Jaiswal, Ratan and Mehnaz etc. Infinity Entertainment’s first film TRINETRA will be releas soon.