Thursday, February 10, 2011


All the 8 songs of V.K . Picture’s HAMAR VACHAN has recorded at Sound N Vision Studio Goregaon west recently under the baton of Music Director Abhijeet Jha. The songs , rendered by Anuradha singh, Anu Priya, Dhananjay Kumar Azad, Neelesh Akela , Gulab Yadav and Abhijeet jha himself. They were penned by Jeetendra Yadav, Arvind Tiwari and Sheela Jha . the film is being edited – Directed by Pappu Sharma and co produced by Gurpreet v. Tripathi, Vivek Tripathi and Pramod Tripathi. It is written by Naresh N., Choreography by Nihal Singh, Action by Darshan Singh and cinematography by Shyamal chakravarty . it stars , Aniket, Somya Rajput, Rakesh R. Pandey, Monika, Farha Naaz , Madhurima Sharma, Sapna Pandey, Shekhar Bhosle, Dev Sharma, Birbal, Pinal parmar, Munir Khan with Uday Srivastava, K. Ullahas and Vinod K. Tripathi. A 20 days - start to finish shooting spell of this film will commence from 2nd march in Mumbai and Gujurat .

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