Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ravi Kishan celebrating his birthday today

superstar Ravi Kishan is celebrating his birthday today (July 17th) at Mumbai. Almost all big names of Bhojpuri film industry are expected to attend the birthday party with Ravi Kishan and his family.
You might be wondering what would be a perfect birthday gift for Ravi, obviously films. It is reported that Ravi has signed as many as seven films this week, and one of them is by a Bollywood's big production house, in which is playing key role with Hrithik Roshan. Apart from this one, he has signed a Hindi film "Na ghar ke, na ghat ke" and five Bhojpuri films. On television, a special episode of Boogy-woogy will be telecasted today, in which Ravi will be Judge, and he will also perform on one song of his forthcoming film "Luck". Bhojpuritrade wishes him a Happy Birthday.