Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ravi Kishan to find a Groom for Rakhi Sawant

No, no, no... Ravi Kishan has not started a Matrimony service, but he will be helping Rakhi find a nice groom, in NDTV Imagine’s popular show "Rakhi Ka Swayamwar". Even when Ravi is willing to help her shortlist the grooms list, a lot of people doubt that Rakhi will take his help. Two years back, Ravi Kishan and Rakhi Sawant were introduced in yet another television show "Bigg Boss", although the relation seemed pretty good, Rakhi started giving statements against Ravi, the moment she came out of the show. The duo met once again in "Yeh Hai Jalwa", where Ravi was a judge, and Rakhi was a participant. But this time, the relation is bound to be better, as Ravi is playing the ender brother of Rakhi Sawant in this show. Shooting for several episodes finished last week in Udaipur. "Like any brother, I am concerned about her marriage, and I would help her find a dream groom to marry with. Our relationship is quite good, and how she uses me and my suggestions, will be key for next few episodes," reveals Ravi Kishan. More than 12,500 businessmen, doctors, models, and even NRIs from across the world has sent applications to marry Rakhi Sawant through this unique television show.