Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is all because of my fans: Ravi Kishan

Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan is perhaps the only actor, who has won "Best Actor" award for fourth time in a row. And, that’s not all; his film "Bidai" dominated the awards function, with five awards. His Bhoomiputra is also doing good business. Here is the summery of a detailed interview with him:

What does Best Actor award mean to you?

It is an honour, and there are so many people involved to make it happen. Can you imagine a film to be successful, if the story is not good, or if the director has not worked hard to make it happen? Right from the director to a spot boy, everyone dedicates his effort, to make it happen. Apart from that, I would like to thank audience for continuously encouraging my work.

There are rumours that Bhojpuri film industry is in trouble, what do you say?

Who told you...? There is nothing like this, and I believe that industry is riding high with several new people joining it every day. Hundreds of films are being made, and many films are getting successful as well. There has been some effect of global slowdown, but it won’t last long. There are some people, who are spreading various kinds of rumours, we should not take them seriously.

Please tell us about your Hindi films?

I am doing many big-banner Hindi movies, and Mani (Maniratnam) Sir's "Ravana" is biggest among all. I am playing the character of Abhishek Bachchan's younger brother in Ravana, which is treated as the biggest film of year 2009. Apart from this, I am doing LUCK with Sanjay Dutt, Mithun Da, and Imran Khan. There are a few other projects including "Welldone Abbaji".

What about Bhojpuri movies?

Bhojpuri films have always been my priority. As you know, my "Bhoomiputra" is doing quite good, and "Rangbaaz Daroga" is almost ready for release. Apart from this, I have just finished shooting of Udit Narayan's "Kanoon Hamra Mutthi Mein", and "Saathi Re". There are many more films, which are delayed due to un-availability of dates. I am planning to finish a few of them in next three months.

You had started a Production House, what are the plans?

I am going to announce a few films very soon. Also, I am planning some television serials. My first film "Bihari Mafia" did good business, and I am trying to devote more time for my production house.
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