Saturday, May 23, 2009


Srimati Rama devi productions’s film Nathunia pe goli maare saiyaan Hamar ho launched with song recording at Trio studio Andheri. Udit narayan sung first song of the film. Ravikishan broke coconut. The film being written and directed by Babloo soni, produce by Anil singh, Music By Rajesh – Rajnish , Lyrics by Vinay Bihari, Pyarelaal Kavi ji and Santosh Mishra, Screenplay-dialogue by Santosh Mishra, Cinematography by Ajay Panday, It stars – Ravi kishan. Other cast and crue will finalize soon. On this occasion Director Raj kumar Panday, K.D., Harry Fernandis, Dev Panday, Sunil Boobna, Actor Kunal Singh, Sushil singh, Sunil paal, Pakhi Hegde, Swati Verma, Rohini Kapoor and many more famous personality were present.